What it does

General details of COST Actions including rules and procedures can be found on the EC website: http://cost.cordis.lu/src/home.cfm

COST Action 851 is centred on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which all interested and eligible countries must sign to join the action. Participating countries elect two National Representatives who make up the Management Committee, which also has a Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Management Committee is responsible for the organising the activities of the action. The Scientific Committee has the responsibility of directing the science.

The main objective of COST 851 is to discover the biological controls of gametic embryogensis and to exploit these in plant breeding. Information is gathered and disseminated by the COST 851 activities, these are:

  1. To hold annual Workshops for each Working Group.
    Travel and subsistence to be met by the EC for a maximum of two people per member country per meeting, additional people will have to meet their own costs.
  2. To promote short-term scientific missions.
    Applications are invited for short term-tem scientific missions. These provide funding for scientists from one member country to visit a laboratory in another member country for 3 days – 1 month.
  3. To hold, where appropriate, small meetings on specific topics.
    Funding can be provided to support small meetings of up to 5 scientists to discuss/work on specific relevant areas.