Future and previous COST 851 meetings are listed below. For guidelines on eligibility for attendance and reimbursement see the COST web page: If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact your National Co-ordinator (listed in the Management Committee, see Contacts page).

Delegates who have been approved to attend a meeting and are to be reimbursed are requested to bring a completed 'Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for COST meeting' form to the meeting where they will be collected and sent to the ESF office for processing.

Future meetings of COST 851

A large International Symposium "Haploids in Higher Plants III" will take place in Vienna, 12-15th February, 2006. Topics will include new methods of haploid and doubled haploid production from male and female tissues, mechanisms of induction, applications in fundamental and applied sciences, mechanisms of initiation of haploids, genomics of haploid embryogenesis, diploidisation, totipotency, genetics, plant breeding and novel applications. The Symposium Chairman and host is Prof. Alisher Touraev of the University of Vienna. Registration and Abstracts are now due. For details please visit the conference web-site:
In addition COST Action 851 will hold a joint Workshop of all three Working Groups immediately before the conference, 11-12th February, 2006. There will also be a Management Committee Meeting of COST Action 851. This will constitute the final meeting of COST Action 851. Click here for Workshop programme.

COST Action 851 Final meeting: Joint Workshop of Working Groups 1, 2 and 3, and Management Committee Meeting

In addition to the Management Committee (MC) delegates there are 45 places available to attend the Final Workshop of COST Action 851. The Workshop runs for one and a half days (all day Saturday plus the following Sunday morning, 11- 12th February 2006, Vienna). A MC meeting will follow on the Sunday afternoon. Committee members for the Management meeting will be contacted directly by the COST Action 851 Chairman (Brian Forster). Those wishing to attend the Workshop are requested to send an abstract to Alisher Touraev (alisher.touraev@ using the format set up for the "Haploids in Higher Plants III” Conference:

Deadline for submission of abstracts is the 2nd December, 2005. The abstracts will be used to select oral or poster presentations for the COST Action Workshop.

Please note that the rules for reimbursement for this meeting have changed: all travel costs will be reimbursed, but reimbursement for subsistence will be restricted to two days only, i.e. 2 x 110 = 220 Euros + travel costs. Vienna offers a wide range of accommodation, which you can see by visiting Haploid in Higher Plants III webpage:

The time and location of the Final COST Action 851 meeting has been deliberately planned to proceed and complement the "Haploidy in Higher Plants III" Conference. Although there are no COST Action funds available to attend the Conference, the COST Action Management urges all COST 851 delegates to register and attend this exciting meeting. For details visit the Conference web-site:

Alisher Touraev (Local organizer of COST Action 851 Final Meeting)
Brian Forster (Chairman of COST Action 851)

For further information / instructions please read Letter from Prof. Alisher Touraev

Please note that COST reimbursements can only cover costs (travel and subsistence) of the COST Action Workshop. It does not provide funds to attend the "Haploids in Higher Plants III" symposium, and that COST reimbursements will be restricted to a maximum of 550 Euros. It is hoped, however, that as many people as possible will stay on for the symposium.

Previous meetings of COST 851

Small Management Committee meeting, November, 2005, Vienna

A small group of the MC met at the Vienna Biocenter, Vienna to discuss and plan the “Final COST Action Workshop and MC meeting”, which will form a satellite meeting of the “Haploids in Higher Plants III” symposium. Minutes


A joint meeting of COST Action 851 and 843 too place in Stara Lesna, Slovakia, June 2005. The meeting involved tissue culture technology and was pertinent to the interests of COST 851 Working Group 1.

Combined Working Group 2 Workshop and Management Committee Meeting, May 2005, Copenhagen

A combined Working Group 2 Workshop and Management Committee Meeting took place 26-28th May 2005 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The MC meeting took place on Thursday 26th, Minutes of MC meeting, and was followed by the WG2 Workshop, Book of abstracts. The local organiser was Søren Rasmussen (

Small meeting of experts, February 2005, Vienna

A small group of COST 851 experts met at the Vienna Biocenter to discuss and help organise the international conference on "Haploidy", scheduled for Vienna , February 2006. Minutes.


WG3 at COST 860, January 2005, Driebergen

Members of COST 851 Working Group 3 were invited to attend the COST 860 Workshop on "Organic breeding strategies and the use of molecular markers", Driebergen, The Netherlands, January 17-19, 2005 .


WG1, November 2004, Palermo

A Working Group 1 Workshop on "Technology advancement in gametic embryogenesis of recalcitrant plants " is planned in Palmero, Italy, 11-13th November 2004. Click for a provisional programme and abstracts.


WG3, September 2004, Tulln

A Working Group 3 Workshop on "Gametic cells and molecular breeding for crop improvement" took place as a satellite meeting of the EUCARPIA Congress on 7th September 2004 in Tulln, Austria. Click for programme and abstracts.


MC, January 2004, Vienna

The second Management Committee Meeting of COST 851 took place on the 27th and 28th January 2004 at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna. Delegates included Chairman of COST 851, Vice Chairman of COST 851, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of Working Groups 1, 2 and 3 , National Representatives, invited speakers and observers. Click for minutes.


WG1, May 2002, Budapest

Working Group 1 held a Workshop in Budapest, 10-11th May, 2002 on “Current problems and developments in doubled haploid production”. Click here for the programme in ‘Word’ format.


SM, February 2002, Vienna

A small meeting of five COST 851 experts was held at the FAO/IAEA of the United Nations in Vienna, 18-20th February, 2002. The purpose was to help prepare and compile doubled haploidy protocols for the book: “Doubled haploid production in crop plants. A manual”. The book is the result of collaboration between the FAO/IAEA and COST 851 and was published in 2003 by Kluwer,


WGSMC, November 2001, Brussels

The first Management Committee Meeting of COST 851 took place on the 5th and 6th November 2001 at the premises of the Commission of the European Community, Brussels. National Representatives from 24 countries attended along with EC officials. Rules and regulations of COST Actions were set out and future meetings discussed.

Related Meetings

Double Haploid production in cereals. June 2005, Clermont - Ferrand

Meeting on "Double Haploid Production in Cereals", organised by ASF, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 15th June 2005. Contact

XII International Conference on Plant Embryology. September 2005, Krakow

Organised by the Department Plant Cytology and Embryology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, 5-7 th September 2005, Krakow, Poland.


IAPTCB Congress, August 2006, Bejing

The International Associated from Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology (IAPTCB) announces the 11th IAPTC&B Congress, Bejing, China, August 13 - 18, 2006.

The XIXth International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction.